Should any candidate, including consultant and/or agent, introduced through HR Corporation accept a client’s offer of employment in any position in the organisation within a period of 12 months from date of introduction to the company, and commence duties. The assignment then is deemed to have been successfully concluded and a charge for the services so rendered become payable in full.

Should any Temporary candidate, introduced by HR Corporation accept any permanent position in your company, a percentage of the remuneration is payable as this is deemed to be a permanent placement.  Should the Temp assignment end, and the employer offer the Temp employment thereafter within a period of 9 months from date of the assignment ending at your company, and commence duties, a permanent placement fee will be charged 


Our usual Guarantee

10% of the annual Cost to Company will guarantee the position for 30 days (1 month)

12% of the annual Cost to Company will guarantee the position for 90 days(3 month)

14% of the annual Cost to Company will guarantee the position for 180 days (6 month)

Commission only positions are R10 000 for a junior level (< 1 year) and R20 000 for a Senior Level Sales Person

 Kindly note, the invoice total is payable upon date of commencement of employment or within 5 days to validate guarantee.

 Our guarantee period is valid on receipt of payment of invoice. The guarantee covers you in the event of the employee leaving your employment for any reason. Should such an event take place HR Corporation will replace the employee free of charge to the value of the original placement with an equally suitable candidate. The replacement guarantee is strictly per branch/plant and job specific. (Kindly note that we do not issue refunds) 

If 10% is chosen and the guarantee is not validated the invoice will be automatically adjusted to 12% and re-issued.

The payment will default to 14% after 30 days and the amount will increase by 2.5%  per week. 

After 6 weeks we will refer to our collection agency, ALL expenses added on by the collection agency will be added to the invoice.

HR CORP IS A100% Black Female owned Micro-exempt Unique Reference Number (URN) BEE9296500

HR Corp is an established recruitment company that holds itself to the following Core Values

Respect: we treat each individual with dignity, we will respect our client and candidates and the way they want to operate. This organization operates at a zero tolerance discrimination policy, discrimination, bullying, harassment, gossip, or any other malicious statements or behaviours that interfere with a person’s ability to conduct business will never be tolerated.

Responsibility: we are responsible for our targets, performance, and presentation. Our clients ask us for specific criteria, and certifications and that is what we produce. We also check our candidates’ criteria to ensure that we are providing a straightforward service.

Integrity: We mean what we say and we say what we mean. We are open and honest with our clients, and candidates, AND with our colleagues and ourselves.

Privacy- we understand that for whatever reason the client or candidate may not want their name made public. So we will not reveal the client or candidate until we acquire authorization.

Attitude: choosing ours every day